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hPlay Romania was founded by VinoVat, Maverick and Samitzu in 2016 as a SA:MP community. Over the time, we swapped from SA:MP to all games. At the moment we have a FiveM server in development.

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On hPlay you don't have to worry about your password being shared. All our passwords are encrypted.


With hPlay you'll have all the chances to make new friends and meet new people.


hPlay has plenty resources for different games, we also offer support to some of them.


With hPlay's voice server is has never been easier to make friends, and enjoy the games better.

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We don't delete any topics, we save anything in our archives.

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Playing games has more fun with friends on TS3!

  • DNS: xx.hplay.ro;

  • rank & categories on forum;

  • rank & categories on TS3;

  • (optional) boosting;

Affiliate your server hplay.ro
  • bigger acces;

  • can change name 5 times;

  • can recieve the rank on TS3;

  • moderate a certain category;

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  • get to know more people;

  • let your presence be known;

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